From an ordinary observer, we'll create your new client → Win Win model Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency

The Customer Journey team is
experienced coordinated
digital team with
international experience

Our Advantages

International campaigns

We run international campaigns in 8+world languages.

A million-dollar experience

We have spent more than a million dollars on various advertising campaigns for our partners and we know which strategies work.

Your business success is our ultimate goal

Our strategies are focused on the development of an entire business. We also deal with the integration of new products and services, but also the organization of sales.

No hidden costs

We cultivate transparent business without hidden costs.

Win Win model

Based on many years of international experience, we have created a Win Win marketing model ™ that converts ordinary online visitors into customers.

Free tips for beginners

We advise beginners in their digital performance free of charge.

Why are we unique


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We are not just another agency

We do not only deal with conventional online appearances and advertising - we create a complete customer journey to a better and happier future, or a solution to the problem clients can get by investing in your brand → from the moment they first met your brand online, through their transformation from ordinary observer to your loyal customer.

The values that were once promoted to internet users cannot attract any attention today, or motivate them to take action. Nowadays, customers expect much more than: "our product is the best", "click and buy", "we are the most famous" and the like. Customers demand information about the solution to their problem and how your brand, product, service can change their lives for the better, or make them happier.

We are an innovative marketing team

For more than a decade, we've been following the trends and behavior of domestic and foreign visitors to our partners' websites. By analyzing the collected data, we singled out marketing elements that create a "wow" effect in the viewer and motivate him to connect with the brand and take action (contact/purchase). We have integrated these elements into every digital performance and thus created the WinWin marketing model, which guarantees the development of every business venture in the long run.

This team has already participated in the creation of a business worth several million dollars. For one small medical company, in 5 years of cooperation, we managed to induce growth from 20 to 150 employees and an annual turnover of 5 million USD.

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Our mission is bigger than ourselves

We want to increase the awareness of all companies about the possibilities of digital marketing, introduce international standards in our industry, and be recognizable as an agency that focuses not on our clients, but their customers.

By focusing on the end consumer in a complete digital performance, we managed to convince even a client from another continent to travel to Serbia for our partner's medical service worth as much as $ 80,000. Because of the experience we have, we provide free training within companies on all the benefits of digital marketing and ways that can lead to the development of an entire business.

How we raised Serbian public awareness with viral content

This video reached 22,000 views on Facebook in 24 hours and landed our guest appearance on the famous radio show

International Projects

Our current projects

Most of our clients are from other countries, but at the end of 2020, we started cooperating with certain brands in Serbia.

We want to help small, medium, and large companies to develop their businesses using digital strategies that we have perfected in cooperation with large foreign corporations.
Take a look at some of our international projects

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