An Antiaging treatments website created in English, German and Slovenian. We used Google ads (in mentioned languages) to "drive" interested visitors to the website and convert them into clients through text and visual (photo-video) presentations. Satisfied with the results, the same client hired us to promote a luxury hotel in Slovenia. We've created a 4-phase development strategy for the Aleksandar Hotel, as well as instructions for promotion in the hospitality industry, which were carried out by colleagues from Slovenia under our supervision and direction.


For a Canadian client, we created an online store (webshop) on the Shopify platform. Through youtube, Facebook, and google ads, we promoted their products throughout North America (USA & CANADA). After 4 months of cooperation, by horizontal scaling, we achieved a monthly profit growth from 20,000 USD to 130,000 USD.


Audit and consulting firm PKF d.o.o. Belgrade had a WordPress website for many years. By switching to our Wweb 2.0 web solution, the number of visits increased 7 times, after only 1 month from the day the new website was launched. With the SEO service, we placed their pages on the first two pages of Google search results, and their Linkedin profile recorded an increase of 150 new followers per month. We also represent this brand on Google.


The construction company "Oakmont Builders" from California hired us to create two landing sales pages to present their service in a photo, video, and text format. We ran Google ad campaigns that targeted google users from Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Ventura County who searched for their service on and after landing on created sales pages fill out a consultation appointment form or call a phone number.


Website for a UK client and social media management for this brand. We promoted services by advertising on Facebook and Instagram and ran quarterly PR campaigns across the UK and Ireland.

  • Target location: UNITED KINGDOM
  • Service: Web designSocial networkPR campaign


Complete brand representation of the newly opened Swiss clinic. Through integrated social media campaigns, multilingual websites, SEO services, and advertising, we have expanded this brand to most of Western Europe and part of the Eastern world market. In addition to the complete development of this brand from scratch, we directly participated in the sales department launch and development with our call center, but also in the integration of new medical products and services.

  • Target location: Serbia, Germany, Switzerland, Western Europe countries
  • Service: Brand representation


The development of Wweb 2.0 multilingual websites for the Spanish market and promotion on the markets of Spain and North America has contributed to the development of this brand in most locations where the Spanish language is spoken. With the SEO service, we have secured the first position for the most important keywords of this brand, and advertising on Google has targeted the most searched phrases in Spanish (despite much competition for those keywords).


We created a multilingual website that we promoted through various digital channels targeting locations of the countries of the former Yugoslavia as well as worldwide locations where people from the Ex-Yu have settled. Our sales agents negotiated with interested clients who made contact through the website and booked appointments for the treatment of stuttering, which was performed twice a year in Belgrade. As a result of this project, more than 100 clients from all over the world traveled to Belgrade for therapy every year.


We designed and created a website in English, which we promoted in Ireland and the UK by appearing on social networks and advertising on Google. About 20 separate pages of the website were created, which interested visitors came to after advertising with video ads. For landing pages, we created promotional videos for all services was and storytelling copies that successfully converted visitors into clients.


Following an earlier engagement in running promotional campaigns for a real estate website from Great Britain, the co-owner expressed his desire to sell his house in Serbia through a specialized website. The site was made in WordPress and the complete content was written in Serbian. Video and photo shooting of all rooms with professional equipment was done and level-by-level digital sketches of the house were created. We have successfully promoted this website with Google ads for keywords such as "home sales" and the like.


We created and promoted a website offering medical services in the Italian language. With the assistance of our (native speaker) translator, we ran Google ads and social networks (Facebook and Instagram) advertising campaigns. With our SEO expertise, we were able to place this website on the first two pages of Google search for the most important keywords related to the medical services offered by this client.


Complete brand representation of the stem cell treatment clinic in Serbia. We targeted Serbia and North America location areas with our promotional campaigns. Through integrated campaigns in 4 languages, we presented the services of this clinic to potential clients on Facebook, Google, and Instagram. Every month, more than 20 patients traveled from North America to Serbia for stem cell treatment. In addition to SEO services, we also made corporate videos of this brand, promotional ads for all services for preroll ads on YouTube, as well as website copies on a weekly basis.


We were recommended by one of the satisfied clients to a new client from Michigan (USA) for the service of creating a Wweb 2.0 website and promotion on social networks and Google. We ran promotional campaigns for fixed annuities in the United States. On social networks, we ran Lead magnet campaigns, which provided 60 scheduled consultations per month, and the number of sold annuities increased from 12 to 17 million USD per year.


Another US client (from Ohio) who contacted us on a recommendation, requested a website in our Wweb 2.0 code for paid advertising in the US. We promoted the service of selling a retirement plan with the help of an E-book that we wrote as a Lead magnet and we targeted potential customers on social networks and Google - video, photo, and textual ads.


For a client in the medical industry, we have created a website in Italian for which we wrote content (medical) twice a week. We promoted the regenerative medical services of the clinic for internal diseases from Italy with Google and Facebook ads. With video animations and sales copies on specially prepared landing pages, we created the interest of the entire public in Italy for this service and it was written about it in journalistic articles. With the SEO service, after only a year, we managed to secure the first positions on google-italy for all profitable keywords.


Corporate identity design for a U.S. client. We have defined the way the company presents itself to the public and done a complete rebranding with new sales brochures

  • Location:: USA
  • Language: ENGLESKI
  • Service: Corporate identity


We created an upsell strategy for a customer who wanted to increase sales to existing customers. We created brochures in 6 different languages that helped the sales team (trained by our sales agents) to increase sales by offering additional services presented in the brochures. Sales increased from $ 30,000 to $ 160,000.

  • Location:: SRBIJA
  • Language: Serbian, English, Italian, German, Spanish
  • Service: Brochure Sales strategy


A bilingual flyer for a client from Italy.

  • Location:: Italy
  • Language: Italian
  • Service: Flajer


We designed a brochure in the German language for a renowned clinic in Switzerland that was used for informing their patient and presenting the clinic at medical conferences.

  • Language: Nemački, Švajcarski
  • Service: Brochure


We created a sales strategy for another client from Serbia who wanted to increase sales with existing clients from the US. We created brochures in the English language with which their sales team trained by our sales agents managed to increase sales by offering additional services presented in the brochures. Sales were increased from $ 15,000 to $ 180,000.

  • Location:: SERBIA
  • Language: Engleski
  • Service: Sales education Sales packages


A flyer in the Italian language intended for use within the clinic as well as in their conference appearances.

  • Location:: ITALY
  • Language: Italian
  • Service: Flajer


Brochure for the addiction treatment clinic from Belgrade in the Italian language, which was distributed in Italy, and medical conferences in the Italian-speaking locations.

  • Location:: ITALY
  • Language: Italian
  • Service: Brochures


Brochures, flyers, and pamphlets for the addiction treatment clinic. We also helped with our technical support during educational presentations on drug and alcohol use in primary and secondary schools.

  • Location:: Serbia
  • Language: Serbian
  • Service: Brochures


Complete visual identity as well as brochures, LED panels, and billboards design for the client, that promoted their services in Great Britain and Ireland.

  • Location::UK
  • Language: English
  • Service: Visual identity


Rebranding proposal for a client from Serbia (including the Brand book).

  • Location:: SERBIA
  • Language: Serbian
  • Service: Rebranding Brand book


Rollup banners and a complete promo stand for a client who presented his services at a medical conference in Italy.

  • Location:: ITALY
  • Language: Italijanski
  • Service: Baner