Your brand on Linkedin

We'll find your ideal client on Linkedin: business owners, business decision-makers, or your new team member. With the help of our WinWin marketing model ™ we can create new customers and build your brand.

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From an ordinary online observer to a loyal customer

Linkedin + WINWIN model

Brand awareness campaigns

or customer acquisition campaigns

Linkedin is a social network with 700 million active users. It differs from Facebook & Instagram due to the "quality" of its users. The Linkedin network is the only professional social network in the world where you can directly target the owners of certain businesses.





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What can you expect from our LinkedIn service?

Expect growth in potential customer visits to your website, building an image of authority in your business, creating a community of potential customers on your Linkedin page, increasing your brand awareness, and finally, as a result: increasing the number of loyal customers locally or globally and increasing your monthly income.

brand awareness

and revenue growth

number of followers on your Linkedin page

The Most Customizable Template

With our LinkedIn service, you'll become a part of the only professional social network in the world.

Who can we target with Linkedin ads?


Business decision-makers

Highly skilled workforce and students.

Small, medium, or large business owners.

Linkedin is an ideal network for generating B2B contacts.

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WinWin marketing model - what happens after Ad click?

After we successfully attracted attention with an advertisement, by simply clicking on the ad, the potential customer is now visiting your website. But that, in itself, is not enough. What happens to users who start visiting your website? Will they easily find a way to contact you? Is there an enticing presentation of your service, or will they be dissatisfied and leave and the money spent on his click on the ad was wasted. For this reason, we have integrated our WinWin model ™ into the advertising service on Linkedin.

WinWin marketing model is part of our service

For more than 10 years we've been monitoring the behavior of visitors on our partners' websites and by analyzing the collected data we have singled out marketing elements that provoke a "wow" reaction in visitors and motivate them to connect with the brand and take action (contact/purchase). We've integrated these elements into the sales funnel and created our WinWin™ marketing model that we use to prepare your website for the process of converting an ordinary observer into your client.

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What do you get with our Linkedin service?

The service of managing the Linkedin page with daily or weekly posts, as well as advertising campaigns, includes the use of our WinWin marketing model ™. WinWin model ™ involves the implementation of all marketing elements on the website in video and text format, with which we inspire your potential client (observer) to connect with your brand and become your client.


"Kpi" document; "Client" document; "Avatar" document - documentation that is most important for the development of any business model.


Finding your audience on Linkedin, researching hashtags on related topic, types of jobs that target companies do, job positions, etc.

Website administration

Website tweaks and adaptations for the process of converting online observers into your clients (development of a Customer Journey map).


Developing campaigns for aquirement of new customers or brand growth. Preparing video and photo visuals for ad campaigns aimed at your Avatar.

Visitors tracking

Tracking the movement of visitors through the sales funnel and their behavior on the website in order to implement the changes that will achieve greater conversion. (more contacts, chat, online sales, etc.)

Free manual

Instructions for general use of Linkedin, as well as creation of Linkedin company pages and showcase pages by types of your services.

We'll create your team in our offices

We form well-coordinated small project teams that enable a complete focus on the project and the successful realization of our client's goals. Based on many years of international experience, we have learned how to accurately define the required number, qualifications, and experience of team members needed to achieve the goals of each type of marketing project, which allows us to eliminate waste of resources and achieve results with lower service prices.

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Customer Journey Agency

for digital marketing and advertising, focused on developing your entire business

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Million dollars of advertising experience

Our clients have invested $ 1,000,000 (so far) in various advertisements and that is why we know which strategies work.

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Transparent business without hidden costs

We cultivate transparent business without hidden costs and provide every client with access to campaigns.

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We are focused on growing your business

Our strategies are focused on developing your entire business, not just increasing website visits or Facebook likes.

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We know what to do to expand any business

We provide 980 contacts per month to individual foreign partners and have participated in the growth of their revenues from $30,000 to $500,000 per month.

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Free 30-minute consultations

Before starting the cooperation, we advise interested clients in which direction they should develop their business online and through which digital channels.

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Unique individual approach

We are known for the individual approach we provide to each client, following the needs of his business.

Our main clients

We developed our clients' brands in Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany, and Serbia from our offices in Belgrade.

For our main client in Serbia, we secured an amazing revenue growth - from $30,000 to $500,000 per month, with an increase in the number of employees from 20 to 150.

Take a look at some of the international projects developed for our clients

from all over the world.

Our team was formed in 2009

We have been developing the online presence of companies for 12 years. Through integrated campaigns (google + Facebook + SEO) we promote the services of our partners in 8 different languages. We even have sales agents and translators on the team.

A team of 8 digital marketers has proven that with the help of our WinWin model ™, the product can be marketed in another country, even a service that will allow customers to travel from another continent.

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We'll discuss your product or service, analyze your online presence, and give a specific proposal for a strategic development of your brand: Linkedin page development with, or without our advertising service.

If you are from Belgrade, our team can visit you in your offices.

The consultation is free and non-binding

Our primary goal is to support the growth and development of your business

We help small, medium, and large companies around the world to develop their businesses using digital strategies that we have perfected in cooperation with large foreign corporations. We build strong partnerships with clients by providing complete support in the development of their online businesses, from digital appearances to free sales training, consulting services, or assistance in the integration of new products or services.

Complete brand development on Linkedin

Advertising + Linkedin page development

Grow your Linkedin influence with daily, weekly, or monthly posts, with or without advertising campaigns.



Proud creators of the WinWin marketing model ™ 👇 From an ordinary online observer, we’ll create your new client


The complete appearance of your brand online: content writing, website maintenance, social networking, advertising, visual identity, etc.


The appearance of your company on social networks, with or without advertising services. (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest)


We write content for websites, blogs, sales pages, social networks, pr articles, brochures, sales offers.


WWeb 2.0 are websites written in our CMS code that provides high conversion rates and tangible SEO results.


Positioning your brand on the first page of Google search results provides great visibility for your product or service.


Your Ad in front of potential customers on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

The Most Customizable Template

We are an innovative digital marketing agency that creates and develops successful brands abroad for 12 years. Based on many years of experience we have created a WinWin model ™ that has the power to create your client from an ordinary online observer.
We do not only deal with classic online appearances and advertising, but we also create a complete journey for your customer towards a better and happier future or a solution to the problem that can be gained by investing in your brand.


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Serbia, Belgrade

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