International standards

12 years of international experience

Knowledge gained through cooperation with large foreign marketing companies and the use of modern digital marketing technics and technologies allows us to apply international standards in everyday work

  • Adaptability to the needs and financial possibilities of our clients: WinWin ™ marketing model is a stable foundation of marketing strategy that we develop separately for each client in accordance with its goals and financial potential.
  • Competitive and transparent pricing policy: From previous practice, we have learned how to accurately define the required number, qualifications, and experience of team members needed to achieve the goals of each type of marketing project which allows us to eliminate waste of resources and achieve results with lower service prices.
  • The commitment of team members: We form well-coordinated small project teams which allows complete focus on the project and the successful realization of our client's goals.
  • Objectivity in planning results: We don't promise results that are impossible to achieve - we will provide the maximum possible result per unit of investment in marketing.
  • Unconditional commitment to the client - - If we cannot commit to a new project due to previously agreed obligations, we will not start cooperation until we provide conditions that will allow us to focus on mutual success.
  • Constantly high quality of service - We are extremely grateful for the feedback from our clients that allows us to constantly improve the quality of our services.
  • Continuing education - Through regular participation in domestic and international conferences and seminars where we exchange experiences and knowledge with the world's largest marketing agencies - we follow marketing trends, technology development and adopt new digital promotion channels before they become well known and oversaturated.

International conferences and seminars

International team in our Belgrade offices